Wipes To Wipe Your Summer Woes🌼🌼

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What it is#

Origami Wet Wipes are making the Indian summer a little easier to face this year with their range of wet wipes -- the ultimate portable summer accessory by India’s leading personal hygiene disposable product manufacturers and suppliers.

How to use#

Simply slip a packet or two of Origami’s Wet Wipes into your back pocket, your bag or place in your car (just keep it away from direct sunlight) – these easy-to-carry, soft wipes are a blessing in their colourful guises and come in four refreshing fragrances: rose and cologne for those who love a more robust scent, and lemon and aloe vera for subtler and delicate noses.

Why we recommend #

Made of non-woven fabric, these wipes provide a quick and versatile clean on most surfaces with just a quick pull. Each variation (aloe vera, lemon, rose and cologne) comes in 25-pull away and 10-pull away packets that are priced at Rs 75 and Rs 45 respectively.


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