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Ladies, as a crew of five women attempting to keep your Little Black Books full everyday, take it from us, running your own organisation comes with a lot more than you signed up for originally. Between hiring, firing, accounts, legal, office admin, and one colourful landlord, we’ve gotten by with a little {okay, a lot} of help from friends, family, and industry insiders. While friends and family are obliged to help {we think}, the tricky part is getting sound advice from the professionals. So, if we were to recommend one thing, it would be to invest in a solid foundation and initial learning, just so you can cut down the number of battles you’ll face when running your own company.

Serving budding women entrepreneurs, the Young Women’s Leadership Program is an experiential business leadership program. The aim is simple but powerful – to empower women who are starting, {or have started} their own companies with business knowledge, networks, and the spirit of enterprise. Spread over four months, the course focuses on key business concepts. These include entrepreneurship, marketing, branding, corporate finance, global economics, wealth management, emotional intelligence, and perhaps your strongest tool today, digital and social media marketing. All learning happens through real life situations, case studies, and films. YWLP gives due importance to applied knowledge, and making topics you might generally have mind blocks about {we’re going to take a shot and say it’s finance} easy. The focus is less on theory, and more on hands on experience. Not to be universal in our generalisation, but relying heavily on all our experiences, we’ve learnt women tend to have pre-conceived notions of certain areas being difficult; read finance and raising funds. The program helps make these areas accessible and easy to understand, fully equipping you to run your own organisation. Class size is usually between 12-15, so you can be assured of the attention you {and your business} need.

We’ll get to the most important part –the industry insiders, aka your faculty.

The faculty is all current industry leaders and top professionals, who ensure your learning is relevant and contemporary. Among them are IIM-A alum and Chairman/Founder of Infinity Business School – Neeraj Batra, who delivers the New Venture Planning and the Wealth Management Modules; Asia Pacific CEO for Groupon Inc – Ankur Warikoo, who takes the lead with digital marketing; and Harvard alum and CEO Pan Foods India – Kunal Mahajan, who will handle the Marketing teachings.

Besides the aforementioned, you’ll have industry heavy weights teach Advertising and Mass Communication, E-commerce, Social Media Engagements, PR, Angel Investing and Seed Funding, Valuation and Stock Investing, and Financial Management.

To get the full list of women entrepreneurs {aka fellows} from their first three editions, click here. 

For a full program and faculty overview and to register yourselves, click here. 

The fourth edition of Young Women’s Leadership Program commences on the 10th of December.

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