A Women’s Expat Group That Eats, Meets And Greets Together

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The Global Girl’s Group was formed to provide a sense of community and platform to expatriates and female foreigners in India; to go out, meet friends and try out new things the city together.

Dil Se Dilli

Providing a common platform and community is not the only reason this group came up in the first place; it has also been a haven for women who want to go out and experience new things without having to go through the discomfort of pushy men and stalkers.

Trying to avoid giving away phone numbers and bad experiences, a bunch of expat women got together and formed the group.

If you’re looking for some great company and an adventurous bunch to do some fun stuff around town with, we highly recommend joining it.

Recharge For No Charge

With a Facebook group of more than 500 members and a Whatsapp group of 50 people, there’s no membership fees to join the group. They usually have monthly events which every member can partake in on a pay-what-you-order-for basis.

They also have workshops with fixed, per-head prices. We’ve also heard of their fun pot-luck lunches in Lodi Garden and yoga workshops, so you can check those out, as well.

Members Much

The Global Girl’s Group has members from various embassies, like Argentina, Switzerland, USA and more, as well as a lot of women working in India on short-term assignments, internships, and students.

You can apply if you’re an {or a wife of an} expatriate working in the country, a foreigner settled in India, married to an Indian, or an Overseas Citizen of India {OCI}.

Any foreigner staying in India for more than three months is welcome, and even travellers are invited. We love that these guys are looking out for others facing similar difficulties, sharing recipes and recommendations, and organising activities to help them out.

Request to join the group here.


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