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Writers Blog - How Personal is too Personal? | Conversations at Coast with LBB

Editors posted on 5th January

LBB and Coast Cafe are bringing conversations back, and getting people to come together and talk about current trends and happenings in the city, in the world, and life in general.

It's no secret that everything one could possibly want to know, about pretty much anything, is online; ironically one of the reasons we're working on bringing one on one conversations back to begin with! What makes it all even more ironic is that we, LBB, are online, but work hard to interact with our awesome readers on ground as well. In the spirit of where we are, where we started, and connecting our readers to us, and each other, the subject for Edition two of Conversations at Coast is… blogs and bloggers.

What started out as people uploading their thoughts and musings, has now materialised into a rather lucrative business model, with bloggers giving journalists and publications a run for their money. So we'd love to get to know where you're coming from - do you follow a blog, or the blogger behind it? Why do we trust these bloggers? Where we've read daily blog posts and accounts of one woman in London's sexual fantasies, we've also followed a house wife and her issues with her husband, kids and in-laws. At the end of the day - how personal is too personal?

We're bringing 3 of the city's most sought after bloggers to Coast Cafe, and welcome 30 LBB readers who follow or look for blogs/bloggers to follow, or perhaps even blog for themselves, or on behalf of a brand. The floor is open - bring your thoughts, opinions, case studies {if you wish}, and let's collectively gain perspective on this online space.

After all, we did start from here, and are fortunate enough to have all you wonderful folk following us today!

When: Thursday, 15th January

Where: Coast Cafe, Hauz Khas Village

Time: 7.30pm - 8.30pm; post event mixer at 8.30pm

Everyone attending the conversation can also enjoy some delicious Fried Calamari & Mustard Tossed Fries, and a glass of Coast Cafe's all new Mulled Wine. For the folk attending the post event mixer, there's 1+1 on Coast Signature cocktails - The Cucumber, Basil and Orange, The Basil Martini, and the Moscow Mule

Sorry, guys there has been a slight glitch with the form! Please feel free to join us tonight for the event, just drop a text on 9811336674 or 9810978775 and we'll have your names on the list. SEE YOU TONIGHT!

*Entry is free for all!