Y2K Outfits Are Trending On TikTok, Here Are Our Top 6 Picks

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Low waist jeans, baby tees and baguette bags, and more, if you were a teenager in the 2000s and also a hoarder, you'll save a ton of money now that Y2K fashion is back, thanks to Gen Z and TikTok (what ban?)

But for the rest of us, I did the work and rounded up the best Y2K trends that will get you Paris Hilton's (pink and glittery) stamp of approval.


Women Blue Oversized Shirt Collar Crop Top

Women Blue Oversized Shirt Collar Crop Top


No... not like the thing your dentist keeps asking you to do or that strange dance all of us were doing a few years ago, flossing is basically just a string tied around your waist, whether it's attached to your top or pants. They're sort of polarising but if you love the look, these look like an elevated way of wearing a regular shirt or skirt.

Double Denim

Women Handpainted Frayed Detail Denim Jacket

Women Handpainted Frayed Detail Denim Jacket


Kendall Jenner may be doing it now but Britney Spears is the OG who really made us look at this trend. The only thing you really need to look at is making sure the denim wash is at least 90% similar on both your pieces so it doesn't look like you got dressed in the dark. 

Check out these brands that do denims just like Levi's.

Baby Tees

Cropped Top

Cropped Top


They're cropped but they're not crop tops because they're meant to look like you went shopping and perhaps picked something a tad small. You can go full Y2K by wearing one with a super obscure print or start small with a simple slogan.

Baggy Jeans

Wide Leg Full Length Jeans

Wide Leg Full Length Jeans


Bye bye, skinny jeans, my legs won't miss you. Gen Z's made skinny jeans a lowkey fashion faux pas and I'm here for it. Baggy, breathable denims paired with baby tees have become a go-to, everyday look now for a lot of us. Double down on the trend by making your jeans low waisted, too. 

Check out some more loose-fit jeans here.

Midi Skirts

Women Multicoloured Floral Printed Slit Skirt

Women Multicoloured Floral Printed Slit Skirt


Forget knee length, you either wanna go super mini or midi with your skirts if you're trying to be Y2K. Midi skirts are flattering, comfortable and if you get a funky print, they look super cool, too. Simpler prints look awesome with tank tops, or even baby tees with slogans, and some chunky shoes.

Can't get enough of floral skirts? Head here and splurge. 


Paris Fashion Week 2021 is all the rage right now, follow these trends and shop online. 


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