Call These Yoga Instructors Home To Get Your Asanas On

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If you’re not the type to wake up every morning, put on your track pants and head to the gym, yoga might be a better option. Not only does it help in toning muscles and shedding fat, but calms you down, helping you become better equipped to face the day. And when the stress of driving to a studio is eliminated, there’s really not much you can complain about. Call these experts home.

Tarunendra Pragyaputra

He customises a one-hour workout regime as per your preferences and requirements and gives you personal attention, whether you’re flying solo or taking group classes. He also follows up the session with five to 10 minutes of pranayama {breathing exercises} and educates you on the actual names of the asanas and how each one benefits you. He’s also full of diet tips and home remedies for your various aches and pains. You just have to ask. He currently commutes to south and central Delhi and is well-versed in all forms of yoga. Contact: +91 9540102589, +91 9350057784 Price: Starting at INR 6,500 per month {10- 12 classes}, INR 700 per class

Priyanka Devi Gupta

Priyanka Devi Gupta teaches a blend of Hatha and Ashtanga yoga, with the sun {surya namaskar} and moon salutations. Each session is 65 minutes and includes pranayama and nidra.  She integrates core building and lower back strengthening exercises to ensure a safe practice and teaches women and couples and also specialises in pre-natal yoga. Contact: +91 8527744225 Price: Starting at INR 1,300/hour (for up to 10 kms). Find out more here.

Nitriles Kumar Roy

Nitriles Kumar Roy currently only operates within Green Park, Safdarjung, Panchsheel and other areas nearby. He teaches the traditional Hatha form of yoga. Contact: +91 9871142973 Price: Starting at INR 6,500 per month {two classes a week}

PR Singh

He has his timings worked out region-wise. He goes to west and central Delhi in the mornings, and south Delhi in the evenings, and specialises in Hatha yoga. He’s calm, and takes care to explain what each asana is and why you’re doing it. He’s open to teaching either individuals or larger groups {as long as you have the space}. Contact: +91 9818929566 Price: Starting at INR 4,000 per month {three classes a week}

Krishnand Thakur

He’s taught yoga to Mira Rajput’s family, and specialises in Ashtanga yoga in combination with a little bit of Hatha yoga. He’s okay commuting to most parts of Delhi, but prices and timings may vary, so we suggest giving him a call before you’ve made up your mind. Contact: +91 8130984600 Price: Starting at INR 4,500 per month {three classes a week}


He’s ready to come to any corner of town, provided the timings suit his schedule. We’ve heard a lot about his power yoga teachings, but he’s also well acquainted with Hatha and Ashtanga. He does tailor-made classes depending on whether you’re looking to lose weight, improve flexibility and stamina, or just tone up. Contact: +91 9953754105 Price: INR 7,000 per month {12 classes}

Om Yoga Services

Om Yoga Services is a 15-year-old yoga training institute run by yoga therapist Dr Nirmal Kumar. Typically Nirmal Kumar and his partners/staff conduct individual or group classes at clients’ homes, or in groups at designated park or centres. Services offered include Ashtang Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Power Yoga, yoga therapy {curing disease, spinal problems, etc}, corporate yoga and yoga tourism. They have both male and female instructors. Contact: Call +91 9910743065 or write to Price: INR 5,000 per month {three classes a week}

Leelanand Thakur

Leelanand Thakur comes from Bihar with an experience of 10 years. He’s currently working with 20 clients, both male and female across age groups. He teaches different forms of yoga including power yoga, hatha yoga, ashtanga yoga, medical yoga, pranayama and meditation. You can customise your classes based on body type, stamina, weight, any medical condition and goals. His focus areas include GK 1 & 2, CR Park, East of Kailash, Lajpat Nagar, Panchsheel, Hauz Khaz and Green Park. Contact: Call +91 8527269934 or write to Price: INR 5,000 per month {12 classes}

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