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Safety First: Nirvana Being's Pepper Sprays Are Fancy & Unique

Chandni posted on 29 September

What Makes It Awesome

I found this cute little store in Khan Market called Nirvana Being, situated in the passage to reach the middle lane. The store offers a range of pepper sprays for women and men - from American brand Mace, which has recently come to India. I also love the concept of this safety weapon being fashionable. It's trendy, and I personally think it's a smart way to have this as an accessory, because when in trouble the criminal will not think of this product as a destructive weapon. The pepper sprays also have a UV feature, so in case the criminal runs away, while investigation, the examiner can catch the victim as the UV will highlight the victim's the sprayed area.

What's My Pro Tip?

The store is located very close to Khan Market's Fabindia outlet. These sprays are useful for both men and women, and especially for campers.

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