Marble Oval Planters To Office Organizers: This Brand Does All Things Concrete

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What Makes It Awesome

We thought we'd seen all kinds of gifts until we came across this Jaipur-based brand that manufactures products made out of concrete. Yours Concretely does planters, lamps, coasters, wall clocks and more, made entirely out of cement. The kind we see at a construction site? Yes, the very same only refined and painted in beautiful colours. 

The name did give us a hint as to what they could be about but once we dug deeper, our interest grew by a hundred folds. Having started out about a year ago by Poorva Ajmera, Yours Concretely focuses on creating sustainable home accessories with substances that people usually don't associate home decor with. 

If you're an outdoor-ish kind of a person, you will love their Rainforest Revealed collection. Oval and Owl Planters, Trinket Box - these products have a soothing, earthy green hue. The second collection that we absolutely can't stop thinking about is the Mykonos Mix collection. Inspired by the paradisaical Greek islands, this collection will transport you to serene blue skies and crystal clear waters. The bus holder is our favourite from this collection.

Yours Concretely's Floor Lamps come in different shades - silver foiled, grey and yellow, white and pink, and more. If you're looking for something functional, then you can shop for their trays and coasters that come in sleek geometric designs. Their products are individually designed and hand-poured by skilled craftsmen, who've done a tremendous job at creating these peculiar pieces. Apart from being economical, these gifts are highly functional as well. 

Price: INR 299 onwards 

What Could Be Better

We love their concept of producing elegant products out of cement and would love to see them expand their collection.


They also accept bulk orders and offer customization. Orders can be placed through their website and they ship worldwide. 


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