This New Finnish Brand Should Be Your Go-To For Decor, Bags & Stationery

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What Makes It Awesome

If someone were to walk into Yujiso for the first time, it could be mistaken for a Japanese or Korean brand. The aesthetic is similar; a lot of pastels, minimal design and you'll find a bunch of cute stationery. But actually, it is a brand from Finland. 

The only store that has been set up in Delhi by this brand, is in Rani Bagh, Pitampura. It's a multi-storey building and because it has only been open for about five months, a lot of their merch will take some time to arrive. However, what they are selling currently at the store is definitely worth a visit and the money.

Yujiso has everything from adorable plastic bottles, pastel-hued bags to stationery, makeup and beauty essentials. They've also got sliders, fuzzy bathroom slippers and other footwear options. One of the things we love here are the striped oven mittens they're selling.

If you climb the staircase and head to the floor above, you'll spot a lot of neck pillows, baskets and basically home organisation accessories.

What sets Yujiso apart from other home decor and lifestyle stores opening up in Delhi right now is that it offers much better cutlery, and ceramics.

Their products start at about INR 300. 

What Could Be Better

Of course we'd like more of Yujiso's branches opening up soon but other than that, nothing really. 


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