Zahara Makes Organic Face Packs & Scrubs Using Age-Old Kashmiri Recipes

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What Makes It Awesome

Envious of the blemish-free skin every Kashmiri seems to inherit? Well it’s not just good DNA doing the work—the beauty regimes of their ancestors are of great importance, and online skincare brand Zahara is recreating some of them.

So, you know the deal with good skin? No matter how many fancy and expensive products you use, you will not see their full benefits if you already have layers of untreated dead skin sitting on your face. For that purpose, there are face scrubs, and Zahara has some really nice ones.

We tried the Spring Scrub (made using a mix of rose, oatmeal, and beeswax) and found the texture to be nice and creamy, with granules to be just the right size to scrub all the dead skin off without being harsh on your skin. Their Purple Kush Scrub (made with lavender, beeswax, and shea butter) is good for those with dry, dull, and acne-prone skin. Scrub-A-Dub-Dub is another scrub (what a cool name!) made with a traditional kosher recipe (it has almonds and walnuts) that was used during the harshest of Kashmiri winters.

Zahara uses raw materials that are either grown in family farms or are procured from certified organic farmers in Kashmir and the Middle East and are completely free of chemicals.

So apart from the scrubs, they’ve got some nice face packs too—one that sounds particularly stellar is the Shine Bright Like A Diamond Face Pack, which is made with chickpea, turmeric, and saffron!

You can get your hands on some pure oils such as almond, walnut, apricot, and lavender here as well.

Price: Shine Bright Face Mask INR 1700, Scrub A Dub INR 800


Since they do not have a website (which is a bummer), they do take orders via Instagram. So, DM them right away on (@zaharaskincare)


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