There's An Entire Street In Delhi Which Serves Kebabs, Tikkas & More Till 1AM!

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So it’s late at night, you’re famished, or you’re just hankering for some kebabs, or something sweet {to the tune of Ras Malai, or Firni}; but it’s after 11pm! Don’t panic. Hidden in the lanes of Zakir Nagar, there’s a street where all your food dreams will come true.

Lucknowi Galawati

Another venture by brothers, this store began in 2004-2005, but currently the younger brother Gulzar Bhai prepares all the dishes, and oversees operations. The buff will melt in your mouth. No, seriously. My personal favourite is four pieces of kebabs wrapped in a paratha. As you begin chewing, you realise immediately, that even if you were to lose your teeth some day, this roll would still feel the same. In the coming years, they would like to open another branch somewhere in South Delhi. We’ll keep you informed! They open at around 5.30pm and go on till around 12.30 or 1am.

Price: INR 10 {per paratha/buff kebab}, INR 20 {per chicken kebab}

Javed Ki Famous Nahari

Another old resident of Zakir Nagar. The name has probably given you a clue about how renowned they are for their Nahari. Javed Bhai’s father started the outlet a quarter of a century past, with only a preparation of Keema on offer, when there was hardly any population in the area.  Now, though the store opens at 6pm, they sell out by 9pm. You may need to come here a little earlier to see what all the fuss is about. But I warn you, you may not eat at home anymore after tasting their Nahari. {Javed bhai considers Virat Kohli his younger brother, since he keeps coming over to gorge on the deliciousness}.

Price: INR 50-100 {Mutton Gosht Nahari}, INR 80 {Chicken Biryani}

Pahalwan Ji Lassi Corner

You can’t miss the gentle giant of a man sitting in front of a variety of sweets. His name is Qaiser Qureshi, and he began this wonderful dessert outlet 25 years ago, when they moved here from Fatehpuri. He can’t remember how many times Raza Muraad has frequented his shop. They have everything from lassi, and rasgullas to a delicious phirni. They begin the day at 10am and keep it going till about 1 AM.

Price: INR 30 {lassi}, INR 10 {rasgulla/ras malai},  INR 20 {phirni}


Most places remain open till 12.30am, but our suggestion would be to land up around 11.30pm, because they sell out fairly quickly.

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