Escape To A Sun-Kissed Beach With Zambar’s New Menu

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Dive deep into Zambar’s revamped menu that takes you on a gastronomic ride along the coastline.

Fishing For Compliments

Well, we would too – if the calamari we made was so amaze. Just the right chewy and splashing happily in butter and garlic, this had us asking for seconds. The Kingfish Reichado came a close second, rubbed with fiery Goan spices and soft and tender.

In the bigger plates, the stew and appam combination got our comfort food vote, and the Moplah Chicken Biryani wowed us with its nuanced notes of southern spices {we suspect the Mutton version of this would take us to greater depths of joy}.

The Coconut Stuffed Naan combined the best of both worlds and paired nicely with the Southie style Dhal Fry. Do not leave without sampling the perfectly set Coconut Jaggery Pudding and the Payasam that is just the right level of sweet and texture.

Slurp Away

Start your meal with the Pineapple Rasam, and cool off a bit somewhere in the middle with the refreshing coconut mocktail that comes with little coconut chunks swimming in it.

What Didn’t Impress Us

The vegetarian section is a bit of the Achilles heel of the menu – would have liked to savour some interesting herbivore stuff from around the coast as well.


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