Starting At INR 500, These Chic Flats Are Apt For Every Occasion!

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What Makes It Awesome

If you love yourself some low top boots or nice & breezy slip-on flats, then Zebba should definitely be your next shopping destination. 

Zebba offers everyone a good mix and variety of footwear. You can get really sturdy slip-on flats, with pretty jute straps. Apart from this, you can get a stylish pair of boots from them, as well as gladiator sandals and T-strap flats. They generally use colours like tan, black, beiges and soft pastels. A lot of their flats give off a beachy vibe and, while some (T-strap and double strap flats) are great for casual outfit looks. You can find some pretty eccentric footwear with them as well. For example, they've also got some nice see-through slip-on footwear, namely their Transparent PU, open-toe vinyl mules. These ones are my personal favourite and are just a super stylish cousin of the classic mules. 

They use materials such as faux leather, straw/jute and suede. You can get most of their products for about INR 800 and up. You can easily shop their products on online, especially from the LBB Shop.

Occasionally you can find heels also in their collection (But mostly, platform heels or wedges).


We love their peal embellished solid slides, neon crossover strapped slides for the summer and the overlay cross solid slides in mustard, which is also part of influencer Sheena Sherwani's pop-up on Shop on LBB. Check it out here


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