Lebanese Restaurant Zizo Opens in Gurgaon

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So what if they shut shop in GK 1? Zizo is back, this time in Gurgaon, and while it might not be bigger, it’s certainly better. With a new menu and a bar, now you can pair your mezze with a margarita.

Must Eat

Start with a salad, which is the usual mantra when in the Middle East. Zizo knows what we like, and made us a spicy Moutabal; flame grilled aubergines squished up with tahini, killer white sesame, paste and tossed with diced veggies and wee bits of green chillies.

If you want to skip the spice and stay true to the food culture of this place, their Fattoush Salad is spot on. Crunchy veggies, fresh cilantro and mint and crispy bits of toasted pita; delicious, we say. Add a side of Hot Mezze {non-vegetarian} to the mix, which includes a couple of lamb pies, chicken kibbeh, mini zaatar pizzas and cheese rolls served with a garlic dip and hot sauce. There’s a vegetarian version of the platter as well, which has falafel, a slew of Mediterranean dips and the freshest pita this side of town.

If this isn’t enough to fill you up, don’t sweat it, there’s a whole load of main course dishes to be had! You could go with their version of Mediterranean pizzas called Man’oushe, out of which the finest has got to be the Lahm Bi’Ajeen; a thin-crust pita pizza topped with minced lamb and served with spicy yogurt.

For a larger main course, try the pastas if you must, but we say skip straight to the Grilled Lamb Kebabs; super juicy, fairly authentic and perfect with the dips and bread. Finish with their Cheese Kunafa and feel the good vibes of the Middle East deep in your belly.

Must Drink

Don’t miss the Lynchburg Lemonade; the perfect marriage of bourbon and citrus. This sweet and tangy cocktail married very well with the menu, and is perfect for all seasons and occasions. For those who like the usual, their sangrias are very good, too.

What We Loved

This is the perfect pit stop on the long Golf Course Road, which doesn’t have too many standalone restaurants. So if you’re on way home or just traipsing around Gurugram, this is a good place to make a stop for both a small or big bite.

What Didn’t Impress Us

The pastas feel like a bit of a mismatch on an otherwise Middle Eastern inspired menu, perhaps it would be wise to add more on that front and skip these carb laden meals all together.

What Is The Best Time To Visit?

Weekends are ideal for a visit, though the place does tend to get packed. Whichever day you choose, it’s best to go for dinner,so you can do justice to both the café and the bar.

#LBBTip: This is one of the only places in town that serve close-to-authentic Arab desserts, so even if you’re not in the mood for a whole meal, do stop by for a dessert fix.


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