No Kidding! Zoey Baby Bedding Does Adorable Cotton Toys & Swaddles

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What Makes It Awesome

Zoey Baby Bedding is a great place to shop from if you're looking for minimal and soft decor accessories for kids. Their products are made out of cotton, and are simple in design. You can find pretty and functional products like play-mats, storage bins, sleeping bags, muslin blankets, and baby carrier sets on their website. 

Apart from this, they also have endearing decor products like alphabet cushions, cotton toys, and buntings (which you must take a look at). Their collection of travel kits is amazing too.

Zoey Baby Bedding also offer diaper bags, toiletry kits, bonsai backpacks and travel pouches. Also, the colour scheme they use in most of their products is pleasant and easy on the eyes. 

Price: Starting at INR 299


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