Zoivane’s Lip Balm for Smokers Promises To Undo All That Damage

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Zoivane, the male grooming essentials brand, has us lip-happy with their new range of smooth and sexy lip balms, including one which promises a kiss goodbye to your smoked-out lip woes.

Smear On A Little Love

Gentlemen, while you do pamper your facial fuzz, pay a little heed to those lips as well. Zoivane makes is super easy to care for chapped lips with their new range of balms, each loaded with lots of natural goodness.

What had us most intrigued was the Smoker’s Paradise Lip Balm which promises to not just heal dry, flaky lips but also retain your original lip colour {bye, bye dark smoker lips!}. Packed with bergamot and lemon essential oils, the scent of this balm is mild, with just a hint of a lemony fragrance that we quite liked.

Their range of lip balms doesn’t just stop there – there’s also Desire Lip Balm that will up your freshness quotient with its spearmint and peppermint essential oil, and the very dapper Business Affair Lip Balm, that has vetiver and green leaf essential oil.

Pamper Me More

Zoivane doesn’t stop at lip love though. The brand also has a Natural Daily Scrub which promises comforting skincare, and has us quite impressed.

So We're Saying...

Grab one of these, and ensure happy, healthy and very attractive lips. Check out their products here


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