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North Goa Bound? This Goan Homestay Is Heritage & Peace Rolled Into One


    Andaluzia is a new 4-bedroom Goan homestay in Parra. Refusing North Goa’s popular beaches, it’s chosen to give its guests a taste of the quintessential Goan life instead. It’s ideal for a group of 6–8 folks who want to explore the state beyond its crowded beaches and manic parties. A walk in the rain or a poi-omelette for the road, anyone? 

    What Makes It Awesome

    Shyam, the owner of Andaluzia Homestay set his eyes on this house last November. This was the start of a whirlwind affair and before he knew, he had started to move his decades-old collection of antiques into this house. The structure was kept intact because ‘there’s something about heritage and old structures that should really be untouched’, he tells us. Of course, the original teal and blue colour scheme was perfect too!

    Still in the process of collecting his life spread over Bengaluru and USA, he tells us that he’s figuring out how he could move to Goa (do you blame him?). For now, he remotely manages the property with the help of his trusted caretakers, scheduling a trip once a month at the very least. Rest assured though, that the upkeep of the house is taken care of, breakfast is included in the tariff and that the house itself is a piece of art. We love how it turns from a typical hill cottage with its wooden ceilings to a Goan home with a balcao and garrafao. We love how the bedrooms, all four of them, have their own character. We especially dig the ones upstairs for the ample sunshine they get and their reading nooks next to windows. 

    Luckily for the guests, this host has also done a fair share of exploring himself and is happy to give insights into where you could have a great meal, watch a serene sunset or have an un-touristy bar experience. He tells us that he himself loves a walk to the nearby church. This is what we mean by giving people a taste of the unhurried life; everything from the garden to the terrace is an attempt at having people linger on longer. The 80s radio playing and cosy reading corners are a definite plus too! There’s no TV in the house either, hopefully allowing guests to savour their evening Feni or their morning coffee in total peace.

    Yes, the bathrooms are modern and the rooms are tastefully done. Yes, you can request the caretakers to cook you a meal if you pay for the ingredients and sure enough, there’s air-conditioning and wi-fi. So, you can forget about compromising your comfort even a wee bit. In short, we’re actually talking a comfortable experience in a countryside setting. 


    All the hip bars, hangout spots and restaurants in the Assagao-Vagator-Siolim belt are a short ride away. We also hear that a boutique and cafe are underway and might be open before the Goa season kicks off around October. 

    For now, the tariff for the villa fluctuates between INR 8k and 10k.