Spend A Lazy Afternoon At Artjuna And Don't Forget To Check Out Their Store!

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This is a really chill place to hang out or browse curated curios/handmade bohemian jewellery in Anjuna {Goa} at, and is even slightly away from the commercial rush of the beach.

How Did We Find It?

We stumbled upon Artjuna on our last afternoon in Goa in early-April, and the evening gifted us an ‘Indian summer’ sunset that felt like it could only be complete with a bowl of mangoes and fresh cream.

It wasn’t on their menu, but we asked politely and they gave it to us.

Who Will Enjoy This Place The Most?

If you have no real agenda, Artjuna is a great place to spend a lazy afternoon. Their menu is mostly your regular hippie-café fare and then some; it’s the vibes that make this place tick. Their management is great, too.

Their store is quite cool, albeit slightly expensive; it’s still full of interesting knick-knacks—I picked up some neat fang earrings and juggling balls.


Their avocado sandwich is delicious, particularly if you like guacamole.

What Else Is Awesome?

This place has an absolutely fantastic ambience. It is run out of a Portuguese villa that has a large garden space around with hammocks, tree-houses, and even a book-exchange library!


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