Staying In Calangute? These Are Our Favourite Restaurants To Grab A Bite

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The jungle of cafes and restaurants in Calangute can be overwhelming to a first-timer, hell even to someone who’s been that side a bunch of times. In order to take the guesswork out of the process, we’re here with our tried-and-tested list of the best restaurants in Calangute that we’d vouch for in a heartbeat. Bye bye typical shacks and sayonara 100% pure veg dhabas

Pousada By The Beach

Pretty much the most obvious addition to Calangute’s food scene has to be Pousada. There’s a reason it’s a hit with B-Town celebs along with Goa vacationers who’ve moved past the typical. And why not? Pousada By The Beach promises doggy love, stunning sunsets and food you can’t go wrong with. When here, we’d suggest going for Goan food. Our vote is for: Fish in banana leaf, Goan curry with rice, calamari and serradura. Say hello to Chai and Biscuit, the cute in-house doggos and of course, Joshua and Neville, the ever-so-friendly cafe owners.

Cafe Sussegado

Set inside a Goan-Portuguese house, complete with a balcao, this one is a popular choice with both, old-time Goans as well as tourists. Over the years, they’ve gathered a whole lot of loyalists who swear by Sussegado’s Goan fare. They somehow manage to get the flavours on point without overdoing on masalas. So, whether it’s your introduction to pork vindaloo or your first meeting with vegetable xacuti, you’re likely to take home good memories. If you’re not keen on local food, their cheese balls, pork roast and beef chilli fry are killer. 


What started off as a humble bakery is now a full restaurant but the nostalgia lingers through its fluffy croissants and coffee along with one of the most exhaustive menus you’ll ever see. The variety of eggs is mind boggling as are the options under sandwiches, Goan fare, pizzas, seafood, salads, shakes, juices, Indian and a whole lot more. Start your day with their fresh juices/coffee and English brekkie or have Goan sausages or pizza with chilled beer for lunch, either way, you’ll walk out a happy soul.

Fisherman's Wharf

Yes yes, a lot of you are already crinkling up your noses but we really think Fisherman’s is a fail-safe option especially when we’re taking holidaying friends out for dinner. A good balance of local food that’s attuned to a newbie’s tastebuds, this one has been our go-to for a while now. Our picks from the menu: Panco Crusted Crunchy Prawns, Southern Fried Fish, Potato Rechaedo and Fish Ambotik. We’re also guilty of loving a certain something that’s peculiar to Goa but the perfect definition of comfort food: A veg naanza. End your meal with serradura… It’s to die for. 

Tio Tilly's Bar & Kitchen

A cute pizza joint, this one’s easy to spot with its sunny yellow facade. It's got a lovely pool and the option of indoor or outdoor dining. Their forte is their pizzas so you can also get one with pineapples (Hawaiian pizza FTW) or a half and half if you're with friends and want to try different toppings. We love their cheesy Olive balls that come with a mayo dip... the perfect accompaniment with Eight Finger Eddie beer or Urak. 

A Reverie

A fine-dine restaurant steering clear of the usual, this one is for times when you want to kick back and be really taken care of. The staff is courteous, the menu is all molecular gastronomy and the cocktails are top-notch. What's not to like? So, bookmark this for a special dinner date and go for their tacos, chocolate-y desserts or soft-as-a-cloud baos. Truth be told, food is more like art here, so you're signing up for a fancy meal in a stunning ambience. And for all of this, you're definitely going to pay a premium but it'll be worth it! 


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