Feeling Spontaneous? Hit Up These Tattoo Artists In Goa To Get Inked

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Goa’s hippie vibes get to everyone – so next time you’re in town, and feeling a little crazy, don’t head to the first seedy tattoo parlour you can spot. We’ve compiled a list of some of Goa’s best tattoo artists and really, they're worth the time you might have to spend getting to them; they're safe, hygienic and great at what they do. 

Krish Tattoo Studio

Krish Tattoo Studio located in Calangute is run by two brothers, Ghanshyam and Vijay, who are loved for their eagerness to experiment. Clean and hygienic practices are amongst the things that impressed us, as well as the fact that everyone who has got a tattoo here attests to how skillfully they are done! Not only that, the brothers will happily sit with you and consult to help design your tattoo. You can message your idea to them on Facebook or Instagram, and take it from there.
















Run by the award-winning tattoo-artist Duncan Viegas, Inkfidel is one of Goa’s most sought-after tattoo parlours located in Assagao. Having won the Puma’s Pimp My Sole Contest as well as the PMA contest for Out of Step Books, Duncan is really good at what he does. He is well known for his steady lines and flawless sketch tattoos. He is also one of the few artists who can cover cover up an older tattoo, and make it look even better. To give you an idea of how talented he is, know that he can design directly on the skin. So the next time you’re consumed by an impulse to get a tattoo, head to Inkfidel because you’ll be in safe hands.


Mandalism is the studio of one of Goa’s only female tattoo artists. Located in Vagator, it's run by Manasi — a kickass self-taught tattoo artist, who spends her time in Goa between November and May. Rest of the year, she’s tattooing people on her travels. She is known for her mandala tattoos, whose designs are based on sacred geometry as well as her 3D designs. She’s usually booked out months ahead, so while she might not be your best bet for spur-of-the-moment tattoo decisions, she’s the perfect person to go to if you’ve thought this through. She charges around INR 7,000 an hour, and is happy to consult and come up with a tattoo she’ll design specifically for you. 


Ganesh Tattoo Studio

Ganesh Tattoo Studio is a one-man operation of the popular tattoo artist, of course, named Ganesh. One of the reasons for his popularity is that he is light on the pocket, so one can get some really intricate and large tattoos here without worrying about breaking the bank. He charges INR 500 per square inch for black and white tattoos, while for coloured variants he charges at INR 700 per square inch. Very efficient and neat as an artist, Ganesh is a thorough professional. 


Remember the time when you saw these beautifully shaded watercolour-like tattoos and immediately wanted one yourself? Next time you’re in Goa, head to Sebastian D’Souza’s tattoo studio located in Anjuna  and get yourself one of those ethereal designs. His tattoos are literally a work of art, with beautiful shades and gorgeous colours. And if that was not enough, he even does portrait tattoos, which are some of the most difficult ones to execute, and does them impeccably. Check out some of his designs on their Facebook/Instagram pages and you’ll know what we’re saying.

InkBaba Tattoo Studio

Located in the lush backyards of Arambol, InkBaba is run by Sachin — another award-winning artist. Sachin himself comes with about 10 years of experience as a tattoo artist, and often hosts guest tattoo artists from the world over. While him and his team of designers welcome your thoughts and ideas, know that they will not be okay with copied designs from elsewhere — instead they will sit down with you, and consult on your original idea to create a tattoo that’s customised for you. Realism, portraits and tribal designs are what they are best known for and the fact that they use organic ink is a definite plus. InkBaba Tattoos are guaranteed to heal faster, since Sachin and his team follow not only an aftercare regimen, but also will give you tips for before-care, which helps ease the healing process.

Tarazwa Tattoo Studio

Located in Palolem, Tarazwa tattoo studio is a popular studio in South Goa. Run by Bharat Dharoliya, an artist who has been tattooing since 2003, Tarazwa is a reputable tattoo studio if you're staying around Palolem. Bharat is known for his Shiva, Ganesh and butterfly designs as well as portraits. He works both with colour and black and grey designs and will add his touch of creativity to the client’s ideas.

Sai Tattoo Studio

Run by Arjun Ughrejiya, an artist who has been tattooing for over 9 years now, Sai Tattoo Studio is again among the popular tattoo studios in South Goa. Located in Canacona, this studio is great for small, intricate designs. In what is a very unique style, his designs have an archetypical touch of Indian floral patterns, much like henna designs, only here he’ll come up with an innovative layout and composition for it.