Nupura posted on 4th September

Feeling Spontaneous? Tattoo Artists In Goa To Head To For Hygienic & Beautiful Body Art

Ten-Second Takeaway

Goa’s hippie vibes get to everyone – so next time you’re in town, and feeling a little crazy, don’t head to the nearest, seedy-looking tattoo parlour. We found tattoo artists in Goa who are safe, hygienic and great at what they do!

Krish Tattoo Studio

Krish Tattoo Studio located in Calangute is run by a set of brothers, who are popular for their willingness to experiment. Very clean, hygienic practices are the things that impressed us, as well as the fact that everyone who has got a tattoo here attests to how skillful they are, which causes very little discomfort during the process. Plus they will happily sit with you and help you design your tattoo.

















The Inkfidel Tattoo studio is run by the award-winning Duncan Viegas. Having won the Puma’s Pimp My Sole Contest as well as the PMA contest for Out of Step Books, Duncan is really good at what he does. He is one of the few artists can even cover up an older tattoo which most artists would fail at, and make it look even better. He can even draw directly on to the skin, that is how talented he is at designing tattoos.


Moksha Tattoo Studio

The Moksha Tattoo Studio is the baby of Mukesh Waghela. Trained from the Thailand Tattoo School, Mukesh Waghela is quite passionate and professional about his work. He loves doing abstract art or wildlife and is pretty well known locally as an artist. Also supported by a team of other tattoo artists to choose from depending on what kind of work you are looking to get done.


Ganesh Tattoo Studio

The Ganesh Tattoo Studio is a one-man operation of the popular tattoo artist, of course, named Ganesh. One of the reasons is also because he is light on the pocket, so one can do some really intricate and large tattoos with him without worrying about breaking the bank. Very efficient and neat as an artist as well as a thorough professional, do check him out the next time you want to get a tattoo.