Just Landed in Goa? Start Your Trip With Brittos!

Baga, Goa


With seating capacity of over 100 people on a raised platform, and next to the beach on the sand, Brittos is the perfect place to start your Goa trip. There’s karaoke and live music as well on some days.

Why Should I Go There?

The seafood platter and the Brittos special fried chicken should be reason enough. If that doesn’t impress you, try the baked crabs. Down it with Kings beer for a perfect meal by the beach.

Who Should I Go With?

Perfect to share a drink, eat a wonderful meal and watch the sunset, Brittos is the safest option no matter what time you land in Goa. Go there with friends, family or your bae.


They only accept cash. The parking lot for the beach is at walkable distance and that’s always a plus.
Baga, Goa