Chim’s Dresses, Bikinis & More Won’t Let You Go Home Empty-Handed

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Every tired beach bum needs to stop by this boutique in Palolem for a myriad of reasons – boho dresses, jewellery, cooking books, ethereal cover-ups, home decor, swimwear, cold pressed coconut oil and the super effective air conditioning.

13 Years Ago…

When Shefali, a design graduate from NID moved from Delhi to Goa, she decided that she was in it for the long run. In a bid to make her life here more fruitful, she started Chim, where she gathered stuff from designers she knew and craft and livelihood projects she supported.

The gorgeous bikinis though, are an exception – she imports them from an Indonesian brand, Thaikila. 

The selection in the store has been curated for travellers looking for cool Indian stuff and we walked in when we first went to Palolem a few years ago. And here’s a confession: We’ve gone here and shopped at every Goan vacay since then.

Mug, Muslin & Mania

If we were to describe this magical place, we’d say it looks like a Fab India and Play Clan lovechild.

Coasters, kaftans, hipster dresses, ceramic mugs, necklaces, incense, artifacts, bags, cushion covers, sarongs, stoles, diaries, make-up pouches, soap… where do we even begin listing all the cool things that cohabit this place?

Only recently, Shefali also got a whole batch of coconut oil bottles that have been filled with cold pressed oil from coconut palms on her farm {we got home the coconut oil dab for our chapped lips and can vouch that it’s a great buy at INR 50}.

The only thing that holds us back from buying half the store is our already-stuffed luggage bag we have to get back home. If you’ve got the space, go for the loot!


Lover of lamps, wine & boho dresses, Rene is living her best life in Goa. Mention a cool gig or a hipster cafe & you'll instantly have her attention.