You Haven't Really Partied In Goa If You Haven't Been To Cohiba

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What Makes It Awesome

Bored of Tito’s & Hill Top? Try Cohiba near Fort Aguada for some live music, great food and a chill evening with friends and fam. Their Retro Saturdays are a hit with the locals, tourists, expats and long stay Goa dwellers. 

There’s a live band that plays on Saturday nights and that’s something you should not miss. They make you dance, sing, jump and groove! The place is huge so even on nights it's packed, you can find a corner to squeeze in. Another plus: They have a separate area for the kids, leaving the parents to make full use of the bar and the dance floor. Fun times! 

Wednesdays are ladies nights here and Saturdays is live retro. Both are good days to hit this ever-so-popular club. The menu also has some good bar snacks to go with the drinks. Think on the lines of chatpata fries, nachos, beef chilli fry, spicy wings an more. If you're into seafood, you won't be disappointed here either. Oh, and there's the usual restaurant mish mash of Italian, Indian and local fare with xacuti and cafreal rubbing shoulders with tandoori and dal. 

What Could Be Better

The service is friendly but sometimes inconsistent. If you're expecting to be treated to city-type efficiency, you can forget about going here. 


There’s just one catch, the dress code for men is formal. So no flip-flops, no slippers, no cut sleeves and no shorts. Sorry boys! You will have to clean up for the night. Also, the place starts coming to life post 9:30pm or so.