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    A Tea Party, A Museum, An Art Centre: This Festival Will Change How You See Goa

    Nupura posted on 31 October


    Come November 10, all of downtown Panjim will be like walking through a museum, art centre, classroom, film theatre and maybe even a tea party, rolled into one.

    What Is It?

    Our public and private spaces offer many different uses, aesthetics and perspectives. The Story of Space Festival hopes to explore all these hidden, secret or silent spaces, as well as space exploration and star evolution. Though called a festival, we think this is going to be 10 days of fun, exploration, discovery and learning in unconventional spaces.

    Artists, scientists, educators and philosophers are coming together to create live experiences, installations, workshops, and talks. And if that is not enough, everything is free and open to all. They have curated some 70 projects that are from around the world and India to showcase and educate us. These are the same guys that had done The Story of Light Festival some 2 years back and promise us even more ways to engage with art and science with this festival.

    Why Should I Go?

    The festival has six categories this year. These include installations, live experiences, workshops, discussions and films. All of these are held in different venues across the 10 days. So one can go see the various films they will be screening at the Goa Science Centre, or even the installation ‘Who Does The Sea Belong To?’ there.

    The Adil Shah Palace, a beautiful heritage property on the Mandovi riverfront will showcase the installation ‘Anatomical Studies Of Our Ancestors’. Or then maybe you would like to pop into the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party to meet some brilliant minds dressed in the most outrageous costumes, at the Garcia de Orta. This live installation seeks to showcase intimate safe spaces, where audiences are encouraged to challenge the status quo, contradict or even criticise each other, but in constructive ways.


    To see a full list of all the installations, workshops and more, you can check their website here.


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