In Loutolim? Here Are 5 Things To Do In This Beautiful Village In South Goa

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Loutolim is probably more well known as the ancestral village of noted Goan cartoonist Mario de Miranda. Of course his house is still there, but it is his family’s private property (you can get a glimpse of it from the outside). But Loutolim has so much more to offer. Take a day trip there or even spend a night and explore this quaint village with its town square that will transport you back to what village life looked like in the olden times. A church, cemetery, school, park and an old post office from Portuguese times- these are just a few of the many spots to explore in this village.

Figueiredo Mansion

Book a room or just a visit to the historic and over 400 years old Figueiredo Mansion and take a personal tour with Maria de Lourdes Figueiredo de Alburquerque no less. With members of parliament, lawyers and diplomats a part of their family history, there are loads of stories to hear and some amazing porcelain, furniture, crockery, chandeliers, Belgian crystal to be seen from across the world in this mansion. Their grand ballroom, or even the stately rooms are all on offer to see and even sleep a night in.

Ancestral Goa Museum

Visit Ancestral Goa Museum and check out how Goans lived in the early years. Also known as the Big Foot Museum (there’s a story behind the footprint left on a rock centuries ago), for the most part, the museum is pretty run down and definitely needs more maintenance. But it is a great way to see what life looked like in ancient times, as well as during the Portuguese times in Goa. With homes, people statues, practising their traditional trades, or celebrating their various festivals, this museum does offer a slice of how Goa lived, worked and celebrated.

Casa Araujo Alvares

Visit Casa Araujo Alvares, another one of Loutolim’s really old homes that may not be as grand as the Figueiredo Mansion, but offers a different perspective of Goan homes. This one used to be owned by a judge in the old times and his ancestors have now converted it in to a museum. They, of course, give you guided tours, but they are also Goa’s first museum to have an automated sound and light effects tour which tells you about how a judge and his family lived in the Portuguese era, which is pretty interesting.

House No: 2

Go and grab a meal at House No: 2, and it’s called so as it was the second house ever built in Loutolim. Today, it is a lovely restaurant tucked away in this village, serving food on the lovely balcony of this old home. The food can be a hit and a miss to be honest, but the ambience more than makes up for it. This is more a place to go sit back, relax, get some homemade style food and watch the village life pass you by. So grab that drink, order some starters and enjoy all that Loutolim is all about.

Jila Bakery

Go to the famous Jila bakery and try out all their yummy sweet and savoury items such as the patties or cakes. Housed in a private home, you just might miss this bakery as they have almost no signboard leading you to them. And in such times, it’s always a good idea to ask around. The locals will happily guide you to it and once you get there, just walk to the front door and wait for someone to come out and attend to you. But definitely try their legendary chocolate eclairs, and maybe even take some home to have later.


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