When In Goa, Check Out Marietta For Lovely Wines & Portuguese Food

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Situated in Panjim, Marietta Cafe & Bar is a small restaurant attached to the wine shop of the same name, which serves authentic Portuguese food.

How It All Began

Ambrosio Rodriguez, a.k.a. Moti, started a restaurant almost 52 years ago along with his wife Dorris, and named it after his daughter, Marietta.

He was a huge football fan, so every world cup season, they still name their menu based on the theme. You could go try a Beef Maradona or Creme Pele Chop, while cheering for your favourite team surrounded by posters of football players all over the walls of the restaurant.

Sadly the father and daughter passed away, but Marietta is still run by the three family members; Dorris {who is 79 and still cooks} and her two sons. A light conversation with the sons, and you could end up hearing some really interesting stories from the past.

Who Is It For?

Anyone who loves beef and pork.

Must Order

They recommend the Beefe Sangue, and I agree.

Anything Else?

Their kitchen shuts by 3pm, but the bar is open till 8 at night {there’s always the wine shop post that}.


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