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In Goa With Lots Of Friends? Voltaire Is The Best Restaurant To Hit Up For Lunch


    When in Goa, make your way to Voltaire, which offers a beautiful view of the Mandovi Lake, and offers an authentic Goan meal experience in a beautiful setting.

    Tell Me More

    Just before the steep uphill lane that leads up to INS Mandovi lies another lane that ends with a large colonial house, which has a view of the Mandovi Lake. This colonial house with its wooden exterior and fairy lights in the verandah is Voltaire. And you must go here for a truly Goan experience.

    This place isn’t light on the pocket. It’s a Goan fine-dine restaurant of sorts, and it’s highly recommended if you’re willing to shell out those extra bucks for a great meal. The food is great, but definitely comes at a price. Families and large groups will enjoy this. It’s also perfect for a romantic date. It’s a large colonial bungalow that resembles an ancestral home, which has been converted to a restaurant. The outdoor seating in the verandah immediately attracts your attention with the old wooden teak furniture and fairy lights.

    Upon going in, you’ll come across a traditional home setting with tables around a large open space in the center of the house. The restaurant also has an upper section, and a small garden on the rooftop too. The ambiance is perfect for families to enjoy a hearty meal, or a couple to get close and bond over great food, with a view of the city lights of Panjim reflecting in the waters of Lake Mandovi to give you company.

    Of Crab Curries And More

    Here’s the best part – there is nothing they can go wrong with here. Try everything on the menu if you can. We’ve gone back twice, and eaten a total of 15 dishes. All of them have been brilliant. It’s the mood, the setting, the great food and of course the great service that makes you feel at home, and you’ll find yourself ordering almost everything off the menu if you’re in a large group. And if you absolutely must not miss out on something, try the crab curry {it’s divine}. The hospitality is what worked for us. The ambiance, of course, but the hospitality did the job. The staff was knowledgeable, and were great with their suggestions for the food as per your mood and taste.

    So, We're Saying...

    Voltaire is a little tricky to find – do keep a lookout for the board saying INS Mandovi, and you will see a turn right next to it too. Keep the temple of the road as your landmark and make your way to ths mazing restaurant because here’s one that you ill certainly regret missing out on.