The Goan Spirit: This White Rum Makes For A Great Gift From Goa

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What Makes It Awesome

Think Goa is only about beer? Well, Cabo White Rum is all set to change that. This brewed-in-Goa white rum can be a great drink to hang out with on the beach. Its coconut-y taste makes it perfect for cocktails or you can go ahead and have it on the rocks. Luckily, it's easily available at nearly all local liquor and wine stores across Goa. So whether you're staying at a quaint homestay or a mainstream hotel close to the beach, or when you dare to think beyond beer, it shouldn't be trouble finding a bottle.

The drink is essentially a blend of white rum and coconut extract, making this one a hit on the drinking scene. You can have it in a Pina Colada cocktail, with your fave fizzy soda, fresh juices or on the rocks. No matter how you drink it though, it’ll bring back all the tropical feels, and make you nostalgic for balmy Goan evenings with palm trees and sea breeze.


With the 750 ml bottle available for INR 520, this will be the best souvenir you can possibly get or a great addition to your personal bar collection. 


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