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We're Losing Our Minds At The Silent Noise Club


    Silent Noise Club is a unique concept that allows you to party all night long without disturbing anyone who isn’t keen on partying with you. An experience by itself, head here if you’re looking to swap the typical nightclubs for something cool, interesting and off-beat.

    Is Anything Going On Here?

    The bigger your group, the better the party at Silent Noise. Set on Neptune’s Point, the view from here is amazing- you see Palolem Beach in the distance. Silent parties are quite the thing in Palolem as rules require all music to be shut off by 10pm.

    How it works is pretty easy- the DJs play music that you hear on headphones, and sing and dance to your own beat.Fortunately, Palolem isn’t too touristy, lending to the vibe at Silent Noise- everyone’s on their own trip, enjoying singing out loud to the songs playing into their headphones.

    Just put them on and join the party. If that’s not your gig, then simply chill in the relaxing environment.


    Three different DJ’s play here at the same time, so you can pick and choose the kind of music you want to dance to {YAY}. Also, the Goan food at Silent Noise is boss! Best day to go is Saturday.