What, When, Where: A Guide To Spending A Day At The Kali Tiger Reserve Near Goa

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What Makes It Awesome

Located just a short two-hour drive from Goa, in the Uttar Kannada district of Karnataka are this secluded protected area and tiger reserve which has been home to many Bengal Tigers, Black Panthers and Indian elephants. Tall deciduous forests that make an island of peace and tranquillity away from the incessant party music at Goa, the Kali Tiger Reserve transports you back to the solitude and calm. It's a day trip away from Goa where you can simply trek through the forests, go on a safari and spot a host of wild animals in their natural habitat.

It is also known as the Dandeli-Anshi Tiger reserve as it was formed in 2007 after joining the two sanctuaries of Dandeli and Anshi together. It is one of the largest, most beautiful jungles and is very bio-diverse in nature, especially for the tiger population in the country, spread over a total area of some 339.866 sq km.

During the safaris, you are likely to spot to sight Jackals, Spotted Deer, Sloth Bears, Elephants, Gaurs and more, and probably a tiger if it’s your lucky day — the tigers and black panthers usually live deep inside the reserve and are rarely seen. Or you could just trek through the forest, do some bird watching or even visit the famous Syntheri Rock which is situated some 14 km from the Kulgi Nature camp and is an attractive monolithic rock about 90 metres in height. With some 270 different bird species, it is also a great place for bird watching. And then one can also opt for river rafting.

In case you want to spend a night or two there, the reserve has multiple options of camp stays managed by the forest department. These are the Kulgi and Anshi Nature Camp, the Castle Rock Adventure Camp & the Attiveri Bird Sanctuary. These are mostly individual tented accommodation or dormitories and really affordable. The food is basic and fits right into small budgets. And, of course, the experience of living in the middle of a jungle with the occasional wild animal coming into the camps is something else. 


Carry your own beverages, soft drinks or otherwise — the camps don’t offer these and try to not make a lot of noise while on the safari because you are likely to scare away most animals.


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