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Hit Up Bogmalo Beach To Soak In Goa's Scenery

    Bogmalo, Goa


    Just south of the Dabolim Airport at a roaring distance is a small beach called Bogmalo which has white sands and blue waters and makes for an excellent “last stop before you catch your flight” place.

    Who is it For?

    If you love some white sands and have some spare time before you head out for your flight, you should definitely check this beach out. Although, frequented by foreign tourists more, this place is not as crowded as the other beaches and has some great shacks to try out.

    Why Should I Go There?

    The beach has some great eating joints for you to try out. I suggest going for Joet’s. Their Steak Diane should definitely not be missed out. They even have a good diving place where you can go for a short dive.

    Anything Else?

    You can even check out the Naval Museum too if you you’re looking to see a little bit of History. It’s on the way from the airport to the beach.

      Bogmalo, Goa