Hot Air Ballooning Goa

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Hot Air Balloon Ride For An Adrenalin Pumping Experience

Velroy posted on 9th January

Ten-Second Takeaway

Feel the Adrenalin kick in as you rise into the air in an hot air balloon. Tiger balloon safari is one of a kind adventure sports that let’s you see Goa in a new light. The 360 degree view from mid-air is something you will never forget.

Change Your Perspective

From 900 feet above the ground, Goa looks like a place from another world. The long-stretch of Goan beaches, the unfathomable sea and the slight nervousness that comes with flying in a hot air balloon, all makes for a exhilarating and blissful experience.

Anything Else?

One hour of ride will set you back by INR 9,900 per person. Phew, we know its costly but the experience is singular..


The ride depends upon the weather conditions, so do check your Google weather before booking your flights. They are also closed during the monsoon months from June till September.

Heading to Goa? Book your ride here.

Hot Air Ballooning Goa

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