All That Jazz: Waltz Away Or Be A Part Of Pub Quizzes At Cantare

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A warm, rustic and extremely charming dinner spot that is known amongst Goa connoisseurs, Cantare is one of our favourites. The restaurant with its welcoming, hospitable vibe and delicious food and great music transports you to a different world altogether.

What Makes It Awesome

An old family-run restaurant, that housed in a double storeyed wooden house converted into a restaurant, Cantare has this old-world, vintage charm. First of all it is located slightly in the interiors which gives the usual cacophony of the area a miss.

They serve Mexican, American, Italian, Seafood, Goan, Thai on their menu and each of the cuisines are just as well made. Their Goan beef roast, Banana Leaf Kingfish with butter garlic poi (a local Goan bread) is to die for. Another of our favourites was the Cantare Special Pork chops, though we have also heard heaps of praise about their grilled beef steak. In their Thai food, the Pad Thai, and the Ginger chicken with rice was lip-smackingly delicious and the green curry is of course comfort food. And worry not, while you’re waiting for your dinner you can sip on their delicious cocktails.

A mention of Cantare is incomplete without a mention of the live music there. While they are best known for their Jazz music on Mondays and Fridays, the restaurant programs live music on most other days as well, including blues and funk nights on thursdays. Follow their Facebook page for more updates on music.


Feel up for a challenge or keen on hanging with the usual Cantare suspects, head over for their hugely popular pub quiz nights on Wednesdays.