For Coconut Cookies & Local Snacks, Hit Up This Goan Bakery That's Been Around Since 1939

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Joseph’s Bakery, in Khiorlim is one of our favourite spots when it comes to snacks and savouries. Run by the Braganza family, for over 80-years now, their cakes and bakes are some of the best you’ll find this side of town.

What Makes It Awesome

Once you move beyond the beaches and beer, you’ll discover that there is a common thread among old Goan families to run sweet lil' home bakeries. Joseph’s is one such establishment that has been around since 1939!

The first time we noticed the bakery, is when while crossing the area early one morning, the tempting aroma of freshly baked goodies caught our attention. Soon we discovered that the bakery, named after Jose (then a Portugese name) Braganza, who started the bakery with his wife Gilberta, has been run by the Braganza family for generations and inevitably makes some of the yummiest Goan and Portuguese bakes and savouries. Monica, Gilberta’s daughter-in-law, a kind and sweet Goan lady, now runs the bakery with her own daughter-in-law, bringing her vibrant spirit to the place.

Among their bakes, we absolutely dig the carrot cake, the oatmeal cookies, fresh coconut cookies and their chocolate chip cake. Their Batika — the Goan coconut cake, is another must-try and one of the items that they are known around the area for. They also have some delicious ginger, jaggery and millet cookies if you’re looking for healthier options. Among the snacks, we can’t get enough of their beef croquettes, mini beef burgers, mushroom puffs, chicken garlic puffs, and their sausage pies. Best part? The pricing — we’ve never before found a bag of such delicious oatmeal cookies for INR 60, or a quarter pound of coconut cake for as low as INR 110!


They are usually open from 7:30am to 8pm through the week and till 1pm on Sundays, but trust us go in the morning, if you want to have a spread of choices – most of their goodies run out by the afternoon.