Bon Appetit: This New French Cafe's Got Macarons & Coffee Waiting

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What Makes It Awesome

Craving a slice of mud pie or sneaking in a quick coffee date in North Goa? Head straight to Ladida Patisserie that’s got itself a lovely nook inside Paper Boat Collective — their coffee machine’s efficient and the pastries are perfection.

So, what’s so special about Ladida? Well, the caramel and sea salt macaron and lemon tart with meringue to begin with. Looks like Jeneva, after working as the head chef at Artful Baker in Delhi, is now on to Ladida Patisserie in Goa and like most of us, she’d rather be here than anywhere else. We aren't complaining either — we get to sip vanilla cold coffee right in our neighbourhood. And if you aren't into coffee, there's Kangra tea to the rescue. 

From everything that comes out chef Jeneva's oven, you’ll be surprised that she does KETO cakes that are a huge hit in the inner circle. In a culinary world that loves itself a good frosting and indulgent, gooey brownies (Ladida’s brownies are made super yum with zucchini!), these minimalistic cakes are indeed refreshing. While the whole bent seems to be around making desserts less of a guilt trip, what with their use of raw sugar and special gluten-free flour, she’s also happy to work around dietary restrictions by switching up the flour and ingredients. 

On a regular day, you can walk in to Ladida expecting cappuccinos, cupcakes, meringue, lemon tarts, mud pie and almond and vanilla loaves. Aside from these usual suspects, birthday and special occasion cakes keep Jeneva super busy. One look at the cafe’s FB page and you'll know that these cakes are nothing short of art. The tiny macarons and ganache she plays with make every cake a sight to behold. So, order away or hop over to the cafe for some chai and chitchat soon? 

What Could Be Better

While we were treated to Jeneva's special Chili Cheese tarts after all that sweetness, the menu currently doesn't have savouries on the menu. We hear that's about to change in a month or so with new additions, so we're pretty hopeful. 


Coffees can also be made with almond milk and cakes can be prepared in sugar/gluten-free formats, so ask away.