#LBBGoa: Ditch The Parties & Visit Misha Beach Shack On Varca Beach To Chill With Your Bae

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What Makes It Awesome

Visited Misha Beach Shack in Varca, when we decided to ditch the party haven that is North Goa and instead head for a peaceful stay in South Goa. It is located behind Club Mahindra on Varca beach, this tiny shack had zero customers when we went. Clearly, a hidden gem waiting to be found!

The absolute highlight of this spot is the gorgeous food that they serve. Both of us are hardcore foodies, so we couldn't stop ordering from their extensive sea food menu. The chilly crab, the chilly prawn, the crab and prawn in lemon butter garlic {with extra butter}, the fish in recheado fry, and then some more crab.

The meal was interjected with copious glasses of beer {between the two of us, we had six dishes and seven beers and that too in just 2.5 hours} and ended up paying a whopping INR 2500 at a place that had dishes pegged at 100 a piece.

The only reason we stopped eating and drinking was to get to the airport to catch our flight back home, but the little shack in the middle of the beach with the setting sun in the background and unpretentious, fresh and scrumptious food and beer {or port wine, if you prefer that} gave us the perfect setting to talk about everything and nothing, and remains one of the most fondly recalled memories of our relationship so far. Would definitely recommend it to people who have done the candlelight dinner routine to death and are looking for new ways to connect using food.

What Could Be Better?

If they can just set the mood with some light music, then this place will have nothing more to improve on.

What's My Pro Tip?

You might just want to watch the amount of beer you consume given that the only restroom nearby is at Club Mahindra, and it is only accessible to their guests.