This Beautiful 17th Century Fort In Arambol Is Right On The Arabian Sea

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If you are looking for a luxury-soaked vacation the next time you are in Goa, the picturesque Fort Tiracol will fit in perfectly. Surrounded by the Arabian Sea and the River Tiracol estuary, this quiet getaway comes steeped in centuries-old history.

Slice Of Serenity

A short drive from Goa’s backpacking paradise — Arambol — Fort Tiracol is located at the northern tip of the State. Cut off from the party and nightlife scenario that’s a staple through much of the north Goa, Fort Tiracol is an escape to serenity. If you are looking for a romantic nook or a place to unwind, on your next trip to Goa, it really can’t get much better than this.

You can reach Fort Tiracol by road or even via ferry through Querim {although they discontinue services during low tide}. Do note, that if you are driving to Fort Tiracol, you will have to pass a Maharashtra state check point where your luggage is very likely to be searched.

As you inch closer, the fort looms in the horizon. Many believe that it was initially built by Maratha rulers before it fell into the hands of the Portuguese, who expanded the fort. Today, the restored fort is home to a luxury hotel, a Baroque-style church, and a statue of Jesus Christ donning a red cloak. All around, there are seemingly never-ending waters of the Arabian Sea and the River Tiracol.

I Sea You!

There are only seven rooms here, so make sure you sign up well before your trip. Ask for a room on the upper floor {for a better view} as well as one with a terrace {not all of them have it}. You can lounge about in here with a glass of bubbly and your favourite book. Or gaze at the shimmering black waters under a starry night sky.

The kitchen will also pack you a lovely picnic basket that you enjoy at the quiet beach while spotting dolphins. Or you can request for snorkelling and hiking experiences. Between the months of October and April, the resort also offers river and coast cruising as well as river fishing.

Tavern Talk

Don’t go away without trying the in-house restaurant — Tavern. While the menu is limited, they dish out the food with aplomb here. After all, the menu has been designed by the same think tank as Morjim — one of Goa’s best restaurants. Their Goan fish curry and rice and the Chorizo Crusted Fish come highly recommended. So does the simple yet undeniably delicious flavours of the Ratatouille.


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