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Move Over Hamptons, Coco Shambala In Goa Is Taking Over


    Four luxury villas, private plunge pools, a secret garden and personalised menus — what’s not to like about Coco Shambala in Goa.

    Luxe Factor

    Hot Tropics

    Goa’s answer to every episode of MTV Cribs, Coco Shambala is a tropical heaven, and we’re madly in love. Four luxury villas, set in a tropical garden, with an exotic pool that runs past all the villas, extravagance really sky rockets here. Named Ashvini, Rohini, Bharini and Ashlesha, each of the villas are designed with two large bedrooms, kitchens and a living and dining room, straight out of a decor magazine — an open air pavilion on the top floor, overlooking the entire property and beyond, giving it a tree house style feel.

    Ashvini’s highlight is the Collonaded Garden room which has the open-air jet pool area right in it. Rohini and Ashlesha’s slightly tamer but equally inciting main bedroom opens into the garden and the plunge pool — perfect for that midnight swim. Bharini, otherwise almost replicating Ashvini, is brilliant for the living area, as it is set atop the highest point at this resort. So in addition to the mesmerising view, add in the swimming pool, little lights along the resort paths and you’ve got yourself something out of Alice in Wonderland.

    Pamper Zone

    Dive into the meandering pool and swim to your peeps {or strangers} in the other villas! Then, if you’re up for some serious indulgence, sneak off to their secret spa in the corner of the garden for a massage! Yes, yes, they have a private area where top therapists from the Sitara Spa can give you a tailor-made massage. Want more luxury? Then call the masseuse directly to you villa! You hedonist, you! Shagun, director of F&B, will specially curate a meal to suit your taste and we suggest you let her do a European meal. Trained at Le Cordon Bleu, wine and Mediterranean cuisine is her forte and we’re not complaining!

    So We’re Thinking…

    Who needs The Hamptons now that we’ve got Coco Shambala! Expensive though it may be, who’s to put a price of having a ritzy time, eh?

    Price: INR 30,000 per villa {houses five}