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Hop On, Hop Off: New Double Decker Buses Will Let You Explore All Of Goa For INR 300 A Day!

Nupura posted on 1st August

Ten-Second Takeaway

Hop On Hop Off bus services have been launched in Goa, and we are so excited to see Goa in a whole new way.

What's It About?

Goa definitely is all about Susegad, and that means exploring and discovering it should be a leisurely affair. And the G.T.D.C has designed a bus service to do just that with a fleet of Double & Single decker buses. I for one, climbed up like an eager child for a double decker one sending me down memory road of excited rides in BEST double decker buses down Marine Drive in Mumbai.

They do a drive through the Goan counterpart of Miramar Beach and even the Ribandar Causeway.

So it’s simple, get a ticket and get on the next bus, get off at any stop you wish and explore it to your heart’s content. When you are ready, wait for the next bus and repeat until you have explored to your heart’s content. At INR 300 for a daily and INR 500 for a two-day pass, it is one of the best ways to explore town.

They have multi-lingual running commentary on the buses, Wi-Fi, mobile charging points, a high deck on the double decker ones, air-conditioning, CCTV surveillance and GPS tracking of the buses.

The starting point is the Paryatan Bhavan in Panjim and ending at the Goa State Museum.

Along the way, hop-on and hop-off at St Catherine Chappel, ASI Museum, Arch of Viceroy, Basilica of Bom Jesus, the Panjim Church and many more attractions in and around Panjim, Miramar as well as Old Goa.


If you are shorter than three feet, you travel for free.


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