Dig Beautiful Restaurants? Old Bombay Is Insta-Worthy & Does Fusion Food Right

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Old Bombay has picked a scenic spot, right on Baga creek to serve what it calls ‘multi Indian gourmet cuisine’. Each floor has a different vibe and we’re so glad they’re open through the year.

What Makes It Awesome

We love ourselves a good-looking restaurant and Old Bombay is one of the big guys with a soft heart. On the outside, it’s a massive Portuguese house with tiny balconies peeking out, but on the inside, it’s got a casual, boho chic running strong. The lowest floor is all fairy lights and pink bougainvillea, recreating a cafe-like setting. The first floor (it’s safe to assume it’s everyone’s favourite), is where the maximum photo ops are. Whether you pick the round sit-down divaan with a royal chandelier and deep-hued cushions or the balcony with hanging flowers, we dare you to not go crazy clicking an unhealthy number of pictures. The top floor (mind you the stairs have wall murals too pretty to ignore), is the bar; super airy, minimal and rustic chic.

After spending a long time simply walking around, soaking in all the good vibes, we settled in for a meal. Their menu currently is a stripped-down version of only their best dishes but hey, we got no complaints since we saw everything we’d been meaning to try, right there on the menu. There’s a bit of the usual pizza, wraps and sandwiches, but what’s really of consequence are their signature dishes. For starters, we tried the Koli Vada Fish n’ Chips, a desi version of the English classic and Aloo Pao Puff. Both of these were comforting in their own way and a reminder of why some foods instantly ring home. The spices and tastes are at once familiar and yet, they were rendered in a new, refined format.

They also have reimagined grub from Mumbai Chowpatty, Berry Pulao and cocktails that come with a bambaiya touch. Think a bar menu for homesick Delhi/Bombay folks who're a bit on the experimental side. It's a respite that the sheer size of Old Bombay allows for couples on a quiet date to big, noisy families to find their fitting space with much ease. So, feel free to show yourself in, guys. 

What Could Be Better

We wish they had better desserts (brownies and gulabjamuns just don’t cut it for a place this fancy).


It’s open from noon to midnight. It’s also a nice spot to throw a get-together or a large party.


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