Order This Couple's Boozy Ice Creams For Your Next Netflix Night

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Hice Cream is a year-old ice cream brand based out of an Assagao house. They’ve got a whole bunch of alcohol-infused flavours, vegan ones, regular ones and some even made from local Goan liqueur (hello, Paul John and Desmondji). And yes, the deliver.

What Makes It Awesome

Juggling full-time jobs with this fun ice cream business, Ajay and Gopika’s complementary skill sets help keep things in top shape. While Gopika’s love for baking and desserts comes from her English grandmother whose kitchen was always wafting with that warm pastry aroma, Ajay’s the guy who makes the brand’s creatives (what with his career in advertising) and basically ‘picks up the phone and takes orders,’ as he puts it modestly.

The zany duo has also named all their ice cream flavours after our favourite movies and songs. On a hot October day, we tried Sin City (Lavender Martini) and The Dude Abides (White Russian) and were blown by how fluffy but fulfilling these boozy scoops were. We hear that their chocolate and coffee-infused flavours literally fly off the freezer. Oh, and their latest addition is Pixie Dust, a beautiful blue ice cream that’s made from vanilla pods and natural blue plant extracts.

The taste of homemade goodness aside, Hice Cream only uses the finest quality ingredients and stay clear of synthetic colours and artificial flavours. I mean, come on, what kind of artisanal ice cream even entertains that idea?! In fact, they’ve gone ahead and made sure that their glass jars are reusable and the labels and packaging (a modest brown paper bag) are all recycled paper too.


Since they work (more like, churn) from home and don’t really stock up, they need a 24-hour notice to make your favourite flavour available. You can , however, call and check what they’ve got in the freezer on a particular day to see if you'd like to make that drive up to Assagao. 

They offer free delivery around Assagao, Parra, Mapsa and Siolim but if you’re a little far removed, say in Sangolda or Saligao, you’ll need to order at least 4–7 jars to get it at your door. The prices start at INR 150 for 125ml and go up to INR 650 for specialty liquor ones in 350ml.

Also, you can get any flavour in a sugar-free format on advance notice.