Get To This Hole-In-The-Wall Bar In Panjim For Feni & Chorizo Pulao

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What Makes It Awesome

Panjim is a haven for these cute local bars — Pinto’s Bar and Restaurant in Panjim is yet another testament. A street side bar, with a quintessentially Goan vibe, Pinto’s is where the local Goan kids head for their evening drinks.

There’s an old adage that’s often given as advice to travellers — if you want great food, eat where the locals do. Pinto’s Bar and Restaurant, located outside the main Panjim square fits the bill perfectly. It's actually great for a breezy evening when you’re looking to skip the crazy parties, and have a warm, cheery evening with a bunch of friends.

Located opposite St. Inez church, it has been around for ages, and is often where we head when Joseph’s is too full to accommodate more people. Usually full of energy, the first thing you’ll notice about the bar is the painted Azulejos tile, that announces the name of the bar on this rustic looking wall outside.

On the inside, the bar is brightly lit, the yellow walls are decorated with posters of celebrated Goan musicians. The best part though, is the food here — The Salted Tongue is our absolute favourite — the meat is soft and tender and cooked to perfection, with a slight tinge of salt. The Goan chorizo pao, chicken cafreal and the beef chilly fry follow suit, while their sausage and prawns pulao is also to die for. The bar also has the standard stock of beer and hard liquor, though during summer, their fresh batch of urrak is our go-to drink.