Plan Your Birthday & Other Big Parties On Yachts In Goa Starting At INR 5k

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Whether you’re a beach baby or not, if you haven’t sailed on the Goan shores ever, you’ve really missed out. Now, Fun Cruises has been running compact speed boats to luxury cruises on the Mandovi River that cater to all temperaments and budgets, for over a year now. And, this, is reason enough to hop on.

What Makes It Awesome

While their most common route runs via Britona Jetty to Aguada Bay, the varied vessels take you around on the river at different times of the day. You don’t have to wake up at the crack of dawn or go snorkeling if you don’t want to. They’ve got options to laze around, go on a romantic date under the stars, throw a BBQ party for the gang or just go fishing – their different packages make sure you’re always doing fun things.

We’re also glad that their 6-seater speed boats to 25-seater catamarans, all options are open to us. And they tell us they’ll even take fewer people for cruises, so even if half your gang backs out (you know that always happens, right?), it still doesn’t takes the wind out of your sails.

While on board with Fun Cruises, you’ll always have juices and a good music system to keep things lively. If you want a specific dinner spread, hit them up. They go a far as to organise drones for pre-wedding shoots on the boats to chilled beer and decorations. 

Now you're probably thinking, all this is pretty cool and of course, we want that boat for the bachelorette, but will I end up broke? Well, if you save up a little, you might be able to afford this. To give you an idea, their 6-seater speed boat, will set you back by INR 5.5k per hour along with INR 2k anchorage. Now, if you’re a group of six or less, splitting this amount will not pinch the pocket. Not if you want to try something new and exciting anyway.

P.S. The luxury catamaran, which is a 25-seater, is INR 16k for an hour, plus anchorage extra.


The cruises operate through the year and in case the weather plays spoil sport or there are technical snags, they offer full refunds on pre-bookings. 


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