Prana Cafe's Smoothies & Coffee Are The Best Hangover Cures You'll Find In Town

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If you’re a fan of health food, fresh ingredients and smoothies that can cure the worst of hangovers, look no further than Prana Cafe. Tucked away right at the mouth of Vaayu Waterman’s Village in Ashwem, it lets you enjoy a panoramic view of white sands and clear blue waters, while sipping on your smoothie or that perfect cup of Sunday morning coffee.

What Makes It Awesome

The fact that you never thought healthy food could also be this tasty! The cafe’s approach to food can be summed up through its name, ‘Prana’ inspired by the same sanskrit word meaning life force. Sustainability and healthy living are the key themes the cafe goes by, with Chef Varoon, the main man and a band of dedicated boys from Ladakh, who put the world on your plate by using tropical foods to reimagine global cuisines. What began during the third season of Vaayu as a raw, vegan eatery, has organically evolved into this chic, trendy health cafe and sunset lounge that it is now.

The cafe promotes the slow and sustainable travel culture, eminent in everything from their decor to their menu — metal straws instead of plastic ones, boycotting plastic bottles and locally sourcing most of their ingredients. The last page of their menu even acknowledges all the suppliers who cater to them with healthy, organic ingredients, including the local poi guy who comes by every morning on his bicycle with the fresh supply of Goa’s famous poi bread for the day.

Their menu has some additions for the meat eaters (tuna, beef, choriz and more) but it's really a vegetarian's paradise. Their fresh juices, salads, locally sourced pasta and sandwiches make for a filling, soul-satiating meal. We love their quinoa avocado stack, homemade lemonade and cous cous hummus salad. 

So the next time you’re in Ashwem, be sure to drop by Prana Cafe. The cafe also has an in-house art gallery which displays art from local artists, books and board games and is a perfect spot to spend an afternoon with friends. The cafe also houses a small surf shop, and in case you are up for surfing lessons, after your Sunday morning coffee, this is just the place. 


Their live music evenings, workshops and beach clean ups get a lot of nice folks together, so keep a lookout on their FB page. Also, their terrace is a great place to watch the sunset.