Sarah Todd's Restaurant, Antares Is Back On Its Feet & It Looks Lovely As Ever

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Antares is back after an accident and so are the stunning views it offers. While the sight of Ozran beach from the cliff has to be our favourite thing about this Vagator beauty, we’re happy to report that the food and cocktails are nothing short of spectacular either.

What Makes It Awesome

Not everyone has the stomach to bounce from a catastrophic fire accident but Antares hasn’t just managed to resurrect itself, it actually shows no scars of damage whatsoever. Looking lovely as ever, this Sarah Todd baby is back in full swing with the restaurant, the huts, the club and everything running.

We checked ourselves in on a cloudy evening (yes, they’re going to remain open through the rains) and were pleasantly surprised by the serene vibe. With a refreshing lack of noisy tourists and regular party music, it was just the way we like our dinner places. As the evening progressed and the storm persisted, we were kept safe with the transparent curtains keeping the downpour out. Meanwhile, the candlelights came on and we discovered that we actually really loved Antares’ Himalayan Salt & Classic Lime Margarita and Cheese Croquettes.

Given that the famed Masterchef Australia contestant, Sarah, personally crafts seasonal menus, it’s no surprise that the dishes were on point. Chalk it down to culinary expertise but Australian flavours come together perfectly with local ingredients and the result’s nothing short of extraordinary – Fish Katsu and Churasco Style Pineapple being cases in point. While we hear real good things about Pesto Mushroom and Panko Fried Chicken, we’d like to take a moment and vouch for the Cheese Croquettes; the finger food from our comfort food dreams. 

One of the stars of the meal was the Apple Pie On The Rocks (essentially a winning concoction of dark rum, cinnamon and caramelised apples). This had stiff competition from the Wild Mushroom Risotto —  how can you go wrong with cheese, butter, shitake mushrooms and burnt garlic on a plate together? For desserts, Antares is going with a tiny menu but soon, there’s be a lot more options to pick from. But hey, if you’re not sold on the fusion (there’s also pizza and everyone loves pizza, right?) or disappointed about less dessert options currently, we can tell you the views will more than make up for it.


October onwards, Antares starts to get real busy so if you want to ensure you get a table, we’d suggest reserving one. In keeping with the whole vibe here, you could spend the entire day going from snacking to swimming to drinking to partying. It isn’t called a beach club for nothing, remember?


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