There Are New Sun, Moon & Earth Villas In Goa & These Homes Look Stunning!

The information in this post might be outdated

What Makes It Awesome

Three gorgeous villas located in the heart of Siolim, Si-Oul eloquently brings soul to the world of luxury. These three villas — The Sun House, The Moon House and The Earth House, are luxury villas that are conceived using bespoke designs that are environmentally sustainable and will make you rethink the traditional ideas of luxury architecture.

Architecturally speaking, the houses despite being massive spaces still retain the intimacy of a home. They feature internal courtyards, curved hallways, sunroofs and internal water bodies that strategically manipulate wind and sunlight to keep the home ventilated and naturally well lit. This makes the homes energy efficient as well. The houses also depend on water-conserving plumbing fixtures, solar panels and rainwater harvesting systems to reduce carbon footprint and have been built around trees by weaving floor plans around them. At a time when rampant construction is taking over Goa, these villas are a breath of fresh air. Literally.

The houses overlook the bubbling Chapora river, and each house comes with its own arched swimming pools, each of them drawing from the design heuristics that inspire the key framework of the house. What we perhaps loved the most was that each house comes with a beautifully sculptured feature wall — the Moon House has a wall that’s designed to emulate the cratered surface of the moon in ethereal grey and white colours, while in the Earth House this feature wall is made from refurbished teak wood scraps.

Every villa comes with its 3–4 bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms, and several other rooms that could easily be used as gallery spaces or game rooms. The Earth House also has an iconic spiral staircase, while the Moon House has the moon phases daintily carved out on them. In fact each house comes with its own wood-panelled observatory space, surrounded by a calming canopy of trees. At 800 and 1,400 square metres, the Moon and the Earth House, are themselves a work of art!


While the homes are eventually intended to be intimate and artistic homes, come October, they will be available to rent on (price in request) for select art and culture events on an exclusive basis.