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    #SmartDrinking: Throwing A House Party? 4 Essentials You’ve Got To Take Care Of!

    ABI posted on 05 October

    We all know that with the festive season comes the season of non-stop house parties and you’re probably planning one soon! So we made you a quick checklist of pocket-friendly recommendations that need to be taken care of, for an epic house party, including having that #SmartDrinkingBuddy around to keep you safe!

    Comfort That Hunger Mania!

    Our favourite and the most important one - delicious food! Unless there’s ma ke haath ka khaana, you gotta make sure you serve delish finger food, even though the heavy-duty mains could be skipped. Consider the majority poll and order away the good ol’ Pizza or munch on some shawarmas, galouti kebabs, cheesy fries or simply pick a pack of Cornitos nachos with whole lotta dips. Don’t let those food cravings go unanswered and make sure you keep having something or the other between your drinks (Been there, done that - all know the aftermath of drinking empty stomach and no one wants that).

    Celebrate To The Right Tunes!

    From Hip-Hop beats to EDM drops, music is clearly the life of every party. We understand that you may not be the best DJ around, so here’s our recommendation which you’ll surely keep going back to. Pop up the routine with Summer Music Mix 2018, our all-time favourite La Belle Channel’s chill sets such as this one or play some signature ones with The Lab’s set. Or if you and your guests fancy live music, hire a local musician/band and get ready to sing along!

    Setup Hacks

    What’s a smart drinking host without the essential set-up at home? Rent a mattress or two for a lovely seating space and for all of ‘em drunken ones staying the night over, because we don’t want anyone to drink and drive. If time allows, grab strings of those fairy lights for the perfect vibe at home. And if this kind of planning is simply you don’t want to stress over, you always have the option of renting a villa/property in or around your city for a night.

    Poker Face On!

    Every Diwali house party is incomplete without Poker, 21 and other popular card games. Stock up on playing cards (you’re gonna need quite a few of them), set up tables and get your ace-game on. While you’re counting your winnings and enjoying your beers, make sure you keep having water in between so you wake up feeling refreshed and hydrated the next day. For those who aren’t a fan of playing cards, you can always set up a corner with other games like Jenga or even a karaoke station so everyone’s entertained at the best house party EVER!

    The festive cheer calls for those endless rad times with your buds. So stock up on these essentials and get the party rolling with your #SmartDrinkingBuddy. 

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