Beach On One Side, Lake On The Other: Chill At Sweet Water Lake in Arambol

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Arambol is amongst our favourite beaches up North, and Sweet Water Lake right at the very end of beach is much of the reason for it. To add to the mystery, and just to add a tinge of adventure, we won’t tell you which side of the beach to head towards — ask at any of the shacks and walks a little 

What Makes It Awesome

For first timers, the adventure and the pure joy of simply finding it. To give you a slight clue, given that it’s located at the very end, you have to walk through shops and will pass a small beach with rock outcrops (that are visible from anywhere on the main arambol beach) to reach here.

Once here, you’ll be taken by the serendipitous beauty and serenity of the place — on one side is the beach and the endless stretches of azure waters, while on the other side is this small lake surrounded by green hills. Take a dip in the calm waters or just sit by the lake and take in the calm around, your trip to sweet water lake will definitely be some of the fondest memories you make in Goa. Oh, and did we gush enough about the stunning Instagram pictures that the lake makes for? No? Guess, you’ll have to see for yourself!


Once you’ve had your fill of swimming, take one of the sunbeds from one of the shacks nearby and chill with a plate of rawa prawns and beer while watching the sun set into the sea.