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When In Goa, Live In This Century-Old Mansion Where Every Room Is Different

    What Is It?

    What happens when a strong woman builds an all-women team made up of diverse individual traits that somehow meld together to work in perfect harmony? Well, you get a cool concept that lets you immerse yourself in design, art, food, ideate, collaborate and a lot more. What’s it called? The Project Cafe Goa.

    Tell Us More

    The Project Café Goa opened its doors just last month, and has already become a go-to destination for many. Located in the regal village of Assagaon with its old and large mansions and tree-lined roads, this one is housed in a 130-year-old mansion called Amalia. Walk in, and you can’t miss the beautiful Bismarckia tree in the front garden, which also provides inspiration for the name of the new café. Traverse the garden and you spot a swimming pool and a few cottages behind the main house {that now house luxurious rooms to stay in}. Every inch of the property – both indoors and outdoors- is like an art gallery, complete with paintings on the walls along with other art work, and some pottery installations in the lawns. It definitely gives you an overall sense of beauty all around you and an enviable list of artists and designers that have exhibited, designed or collaborated here.

    What Did We Like?

    Each room is the designed by different designers, so no two rooms are alike. The room we had was done up in a colourful palate of green and blue, with the traditional Goan red flooring adding to it’s charm. Every room is air-conditioned, comes with an attached bathroom {with all the toiletries} and a super fluffy, comfy bed. Not to mention, the cute rubber bathroom slippers that were kept for our use, which are definitely more handy in Goa than the usual cloth ones. The fact that the brand is called Bewakoof and proudly says so on the slippers, just made us smile. And every year, each room will undergo a change in design by a fresh new designer, and if there is anything that you like in the room, be it the painting or the cupboard, table, upholstery, etc., then it is all available by order. This pretty much applies to everything across the property. They have about six rooms and the price starts at INR 6,000.

    Anything Else?

    There is a separate restaurant in the main house that also doubles up as a space for some interesting talks, discussions and other curated events, other than the fine dining experience it offers. The menu is a mixed bag of fusion food with local and international influences. They do provide comfort food or an Indian menu for in-house guests. The breakfast is included in the package, and is perfect to be had in the garden along with some chirping birds for company. The all-day café is located in the garden outside, and is a great place to admire some more art installations, or even attend live entertainment on some evenings. Additionally, they have a luxurious lounge which is the perfect setting for a high tea. They have a store inside which is stocked with designer apparel, books and other accessories from various designers. The best part is that they keep bringing new designers on board every three months, so you will always get a fresh collection and merchandise at this store.

    So, We're Saying...

    We have obviously taken a fancy to this place because honestly, there’s nothing here that you won’t love. So go ahead and have a wonderful stay in this mansion.


    This is a great space for that intimate party or wedding in Goa, or even just a romantic weekend.