Stunning Views & Yum Food: Why You Need To Go To This Beachfront Bar In Goa

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What Makes It Awesome

If sunset chasers was a legit job profile, we’d have been making millions. Our search for the next favourite spot to watch the sun go down in Goa (and drink some killer cocktails on a Sunday afternoon) landed us at Titlie, a culinary bar that’s creating quite a stir. Strategically poised in a way that it overlooks the rolling green hills of Vagator on one side and Ozran Beach on the other, we’d rather be here for our regular fill of snapper and steak than anywhere else. Plus, it makes for a great romantic spot in Goa.

Tarun, the chief chef & co-owner of Titlie, calls the menu a “collaborative cuisine” that marries Indian and international recipes. And why’s it called Titlie (butterfly in Hindi)? Well, because the place goes from being a vibrant beach restaurant in the day to a groovy tapas bar by night. “This metamorphosis of the place reminds one of a butterfly and of course, Titlie has a very Indian ring to it,” Tarun tells us.

This extroverted place dressed in the brightest blues and yellows, is the perfect susegad butterfly. Really what else will you be after a loving tryst with their Feni, craft gin and local whisky cocktails? Drawing inspiration from Majorda to Saligao, we absolutely loved their Ginger Berry Bush and Saligao Straight (made with Goan mahua). For our next date, we’ve got our eyes set on the Bloodiest Mary Ever and Cocktail De Ponas that combines coconut Feni and papaya pulp. The use of local liquor and the freshest in-house tinctures is something to cheer about.

Coming to the food, there’s a pretty exhaustive (and innovative) menu waiting and one visit just doesn’t do justice. However, we’d say, from everything we tried, Porcini French Toast with the perfectly balanced sweet and salt made for a clear winner. The homesick North Indian also devoured the stuffed spinach and ricotta kulcha with dal. The meat-eater was biased towards the Chimichurri Goat Boti simply because good mutton in Goa is such a rarity and this dish with the smokey pineapple salsa, was one helluva star.

Other recommendations? Garlic butter poached prawns (delicate coastal flavoured), grilled snapper (flaky, moist and substantial) and pulled pork vindaloo with sauerkraut. If you leaf behind your prejudice, there’s a refreshing array of salads, a clay oven section (hello, fish tikka with tangerines and peanut butter cottage cheese tikka) and a delectable variety of vegetarian dishes.


Ended your romantic brunch by obsessing over the sea views and treating ourselves to a pina colada kulfi! Yes! Hey, don’t worry they also got a Pale Ale Panna Cotta!


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